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Tom Fatone
Vice-President Public Relations
I had always been a avid Basketball Player from my early teens to my late twenties. So I guess you can say I had always been running.Then one day around the age of 27 I decided to do a different type of running with an elite marathoner around the Charles River in Boston. To my astonishment and my friend I was able to keep pace for about 5 miles. My friend indicated that I had running in me and that I may want to try a local race back in Connecticut.So in 1997 and at the age of 29 I decided to run a 5k in Cheshire. From that day I caught what was called the running bug. For the next For the next 12 years I ran in many races, local and afar. I would run such local races as the Jingle Bell Run, Cow Chip and Pumpkin Classic in Trumbull. The New Haven 20k and Fairfield half. I even did the New York City Marathon in 2006. Throughout the years I meet many people, picked up many tips and continued to run. Still though, there was something missing. Then in 2009 during the Miford Road Runners Winter Wonderland Race, Leah Samson approaced me and asked me to join the club. I pondered and dwelled and on the very next Saturday I showed up behind the Milford Library for my very first club run. Bob Stephenson(The President) was the first to greet me. I seen this guy for years at local races and was glad to finally meet him. My first run with the club was 8 miles and I kept up!! I was happy, I was pround and I was now a Milford Road Runner...wow!!! It have now been a member for 4 years. During this time, I have met and made many friends. I have run many races and particpated in many club events. Gee, they even made me a club officer. I would have to say its been one of the best decisions of my life. I hope you too decide to become part of our club. Just like me, I guarantee you will keep running and never look back!!!

Personal Bests
Distance Mark Date Location
5k 20:19 12/9/2012 Christopher Martins
10k 45:16 10/9/2011 Sunset for the Warriors
20k 1:34:30 9/3/2012 New Haven Road Race
Half Marathon 1:38:07 4/29/2012 Cheshire Half Marathon
Marathon 3:47:50 10/15/2011 Hartford Marathon

Quarterly Meeting

Monday May 5, 2014 7pm
Woodbridge Running Company