The club holds a grand prix race competition throughout the year. There are twelve eligible races. Your best six count in the standings. Points are awarded according to how fast you run. There are eight divisions. Members are assigned a division within their peer group, so no matter what pace you run you can still be competitive. Whether you’re fast or not so fast there’s a group for you. Awards are presented for each division at the annual Christmas party.

2020 MRR Grand Prix

  • Chilly Chili 5K – Jan 1st
  • Shamrock n Roll – March 1st *also USATF
  • MRR Exclusive Charity 5k – April (date not secured)
  • LiveWell 5k – May 3rd (date not secured)
  • Branford Road Race – June 21st *also USATF
  • Woodmont 5k – July 27th
  • Walnut Beach Ice Cream 5k – Aug 2nd
  • New Haven 20k/Half – Sept 7th *20k also USATF
  • Bigalow Tea 5k – Sept 27th
  • Trick or Trot 5k – Oct 24th (date not secured)
  • Platt Tech 5k – Nov 8th (date not secured)
  • Christopher Martin’s 5k – Dec 6th (date not secured)

2020 pdf results – coming soon 2020 excel results – coming soon

2019 MRR Grand Prix

2019 pdf results 2019 excel results

2018 MMR Grand Prix