MRR Grand Prix

The club holds a grand prix race competition throughout the year, except for 2021. There are twelve eligible races. Your best six count in the standings. Points are awarded according to how fast you run. There are eight divisions. Members are assigned a division within their peer group, so no matter what your pace is, you can still be competitive. Whether you’re a competitive runner or a recreational runner, there’s a group for you. Awards are presented for each division at the annual Christmas party.


The club has both a men’s and women’s USATF racing team. They compete in the USATF/CT club Grand Prix Racing Series. The more competitive runners tend to be on these teams, but all club members are welcome to participate. You must have a current USATF/CT membership to be eligible to be on a team. You can go to the USATF site and sign up for team 27-Milford Road Runners.